What do we do?

Tegrastaff recruiters find the perfect person for each job. Likewise, we find the perfect job for each person. Happy clients and happy candidates are always our recruiter’s goals. Meanwhile, putting the two together is what makes our job fun! Although the labor market is currently very tight in the A/E/C industry, our recruiters continue to source excellent candidates.

Just Hired! A/E/C Industry Positions Recently Filled

Tegrastaff recruiters continue to exceed our client’s expectations in a very tight labor market. For example, our recruiters successfully filled these A/E/C industry positions recently:

  • Direct Hire: Project Architect/Project Manager for Healthcare Projects, Architecture Firm, NorCal;
  • Direct Hire: Revit Manager, Architecture Firm, San Francisco;
  • Temp: Superintendent, Alternative Fuel Company, Bay Area;
  • Direct Hire: Senior Job Captain for Corporate Interiors, Architecture and Interior Design Firm, San Francisco;
  • Direct Hire: Designer for Custom Residential Projects, Architecture Firm, San Francisco;
  • Temp: Plumbing Engineer, Architecture and Engineering Firm, San Francisco;
  • Direct Hire: Project Architect for Core and Shell Projects, Architecture and Engineering Company, Bay Area; and
  • Direct Hire: Intermediate Architectural Designer, Architecture Firm, Los Angeles.

About Tegrastaff

Firstly, we are dedicated recruiters who are passionate about our work. We always source the best candidates for the job. Secondly, our company provides on-demand services for firms of all sizes and in every industry. We recruit for and staff all level job openings including entry level up to senior management. Above all, we source top tier talent for our clients. As a result of all of this, the majority of our clients are repeat customers.

Need recruiting help?

Is your company struggling to hire quality candidates? The market for good talent is always competitive therefore making hiring staff a real challenge. However, we can help! Our talented recruiters are ready to work for you. So, how can we help you? Call us today or submit an employee request online.

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