What do we do?

Tegrastaff recruiters find the perfect person for each job. Likewise, we find the perfect job for each person. Happy clients and happy candidates are always our goals. Meanwhile, putting the two together is what makes our job fun! Read on to learn more about our just hired candidates.

Just Hired!

Tegrastaff recruiters successfully filled these recent job openings for our clients:

  • Accountant: Direct Hire Position for an Architecture Client, San Francisco;
  • Senior Architect for Healthcare Projects: Direct Hire Position for an Architecture Client, Oakland;
  • Project Manager / Project Architect for Historic Preservation Projects: Direct Hire Position for an Architecture Client, Los Angeles;
  • Senior Job Captain: Direct Hire Position for an Architecture Client, Peninsula;
  • Job Captain: Direct Hire Position for a Construction Company, San Jose; and
  • Project Architect for Multi-Family High-Rise Projects: Direct Hire Position for a Construction Company, San Jose.

About Tegrastaff Recruiters

First, we are dedicated recruiters who are passionate about our work. We always source the best candidates for the job. Secondly, our company provides on-demand services for firms of all sizes and in every industry. We recruit for and staff all level job openings including entry level all the way up to executive management.

In addition, we offer flexibility with permanent hire as well as temporary staff solutions. Whether you are a small firm looking to fill one job opening or a large business needing to staff multiple positions, our recruiters are ready to get to work for you!

Our expertise? Initially, we began with architecture and engineering clients. However, we quickly expanded our recruiting services to include all industries. In addition to still finding talented architects and engineers, we routinely staff business operations professionals. This includes excellent candidates for marketing, human resources, finance or technology positions. Above all, we source top tier talent for our clients. As a result of all of this, the majority of our clients are repeat customers. So, how can we help you?

Need our help?

Is your company struggling to hire quality candidates? The market for good talent is always competitive which makes hiring staff a real challenge. However, we can help! Our talented recruiters are ready to work for you. Call us today or submit an employee request online.

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