Dear Matt,

I would like to thank you for the assignments that Tegrastaff, Inc. found for me. Both firms were pleasant places to work for. I truly enjoyed the work and my co-workers and I became good friends.  They even gave me a good send-off gathering on my last day at work.

I appreciate how well I was treated by both offices and it reflects on how good you are at matching your clients and employees. More power to you!

Best regards,

E. Rodriguez

E. Rodriguez, Architect

I’m really happy at my new company. Thanks for finding the perfect job for me.

John C., Architect

Tegrastaff presented me with a career opportunity that I would have never found otherwise. Thanks for connecting me with my new employer!

Sean S.

I found Tegrastaff very helpful in finding me a position. They were a pleasure to work with and already recommended them among my peers.

Lyndon M.

Tegrastaff did their research and made my application experience so fast and easy. I was offered an interview and the job the following week!

Diane W.

This is a wonderful job and I can’t thank you guys enough. I plan to work here for a long time.

Ted Y., Architect

I highly recommend Tegrastaff.

William S., Architectural Designer

I’m really happy at my new company. Thanks for finding the perfect job for me.

Luis P., Architect

Working with you was a real pleasure, and has helped me discover a great new career I otherwise wouldn’t have known of. I highly recommend Tegrastaff!

Cassandra N., Interior Designer

Their staff is responsive, professional and detail-oriented.

Fabio M., Architect